Girl’s Area

Who should come to Girls’ Science Investigations?

Girls’ Science Investigations (GSI: New Haven) is open to girls in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade who are interested in science. If you are thinking about becoming a scientist or just want to learn more about science and how real scientists work, this is the program for you! Register today! Just click on “Registration”.  (electronic submission is preferred)

What happens at Girls’ Science Investigations?

At Girls’ Science Investigations, you will have the opportunity to view demonstrations and participate in hands-on experiments in a laboratory at Yale University. You will participate in two morning sessions, followed by a pizza lunch (provided by the program). After lunch there is one mini-session and then “Ask a Scientist,” where you can ask a scientist questions about science and her career.

Click here to check out some great science books and experiments you can do at home!

Check out these fun science websites!

A math and science website with an online community where you can interact with other girls about current science topics, solve science mysteries, and discuss careers with young women scientists and engineers. The site also has chat rooms, games, contests, mentoring programs, scholarship resources, and much more!

Girls Go Tech
A website sponsered by the Girl Scouts. The site is about science, math, and technology. You can look up interactive information about careers, biographies of accomplished women in science, math, and technology, information about HTML and web design, and some games.

How Stuff Works
A fun, interactive website about science, math, and technology. Webpages consist of a feature story, autopsy (where you can look inside objects such as a toaster or Playstation 3 controller), puzzles, games, WebQuests (online scavenger hunts), profiles of extraordinary people, and much more!

Sally Ride Club for Girls
This website has a list of experiments and investigations you can do at home. You can make flum, plan an archeological dig, design a new invention, and even find out whether saltwater will freeze! These are just a few of the awesome experiments available on the Science Stuff webpage. You can also read Science News for Kids and Meet an Expert.

Woman of the Week Blog
Each week this blog features a prominent woman who made significant contributions in science.